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EOSkates Carbon Frames Y2

EOSkates Carbon Frames Y2

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This frame is best for skaters who want a compact frame and lightweight frame.

With it's short lenght and it's very low weight, it provides an incredible reactivity.

Length : 11"4
Weight : 130 g
Wheels : up to 90 mm
Mounting space : 165 mm and 195mm
Front-Deck Height : 47mm


The lightest frame in the world - turning like a dream, stable and light - a new dimension of skating, also for kids, ladies, endurance and fitness skaters !

Delivered with a set of EO axles, EO standard mounting bolts (13mm) 
The use of any other bolts voids the 2-years warranty.
EO mounting bolts exist in 3 lengths : 10mm (for Simmons or Cityrun blocks), 13mm (for standard blocks) and 16mm (for the use of shims).

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